Boost the growth of your company by utilizing our virtual assistant services.

Leverage our virtual assistant services to
expand your business.

Let us handle your company's virtual assistant needs.

Due to your hectic schedule, you are unable to complete all of the administrative duties associated with managing your company.

We at JobSriLanka recognize the value of your time. That is why our team meticulously picks the most qualified virtual assistants for your needs, with experience in the area in which they specialize, hand-picked particularly for you!

Let us handle all those pesky administrative tasks so you may spend more time concentrating on what really matters: expanding and sustaining your business while continuing to live your outside life.

Manage your time wisely by assigning tasks.

Improve the performance of your business without adding extra work.

Cost-effectively raise the profitability of your company

Improve your key competencies and output.

In just five simple steps,
we'll find you the ideal virtual assistant
after you tell us what you need.

Planning a strategy session

We'll schedule your initial discovery call so that we can discuss all of your criteria, including the kinds of people who will most effectively fit your company's culture.

Talent Matching

We will carefully consider each qualified applicant who matches your desired workforce, choosing only the most qualified Virtual Assistants from our talent pool to work best for you.

Begin collaborating

It's time to get down to business now that you've chosen the ideal virtual helper!

Candidates for Interview

You have the option to paper screen or interview candidates when we send you their profiles. You will have the option of selecting a Virtual Assistant who is a good fit for your requirements.

Onboarding and Hiring

Following the completion of the hiring process, we will designate a specific client success manager to help you select your Virtual Assistant and with the onboarding process.

Features to start

Experienced industry professionals

Get first-rate services from Virtual Assistants who have been hand-picked for their expertise, diverse skill set, and educational background, as well as their ability to handle high-stakes tasks.

Highly Personalized Assistance

Find the ideal match to assist you in growing your business. We have a diverse selection of professionals to choose from that will accommodate your preference, no matter what industry you operate in..

Competitive Pricing

Save money on overhead and avoid the complexities of employee compensation, leaves, taxes, insurance, and more.

Excellent Customer Service

Gain access to an exceptional support team that prequalifies candidates, provides additional training, and assists you in supervising your chosen Virtual Assistant.

Equipped With Latest Tools

To keep your business information safe, our Virtual Assistants come with basic office software and online security apps.

Industries We Serve

We want to expand and better serve our international virtual communities. As a result, our virtual assistants are prepared and equipped to work in any industry with which you are familiar!





Human Resources

Property Management

Frequently asked questions

We now have a list of frequently asked questions that we hope will assist you in answering some of the more common ones.

What is Virtual Assistant ?

A virtual assistant is a type of service that allows business owners or others to outsource repetitive (or tiresome) tasks to a competent virtual worker who can handle them remotely.

Do you offer VAs any tools?

Yes. The vital tracking, productivity, communication, and security capabilities are all at the disposal of our virtual assistants.

Where do you find your virtual assistants?

Our talent is sourced from Sri Lanka. Virtual Assistants are highly qualified, dependable, and experienced professionals. They were thoroughly vetted by the police before being hired. They also speak English as a second language, so their written skills make them excellent candidates to assist you professionally!

What happens if the VA fails to meet my requirements?

You have the option of changing your VA if the person you selected falls short of your expectations. We’ll reassess your requirements and customize a solution for you while giving you another chance to interview with candidates from our talent pool. There won’t be any extra charges for replacement.

How soon can I expect my new VA?

Following our discovery call, we will choose individuals from which you can chose. Depending on your desired requirements, the search and recruiting procedure will take three to seven days.

Who will be my primary point of contact with my VA?

Your dedicated client success manager will keep an eye on your VA’s performance and meet with you on a regular basis to make sure everything is on track.